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Thursday, January 19, 2017

new creative piece

this is

Killicutty McGillicuddy and his missing eyes,

it measures 11 x 14 inches using a mix on cotton.
I used to use pencil only for this sort of project. unfortunately
graphite doesn't have the best applications for dark tones
and now I use colored pencil to lay down black.

Pencil is remarkable on smooth paper concerning light
tones, but the more i build up the graphite the more
reflective it becomes , and generally the less smooth it
looks. but boy i think the tones in this piece are pretty
darn smooth.

for my creative works i generally work toward a
focus on a flowing , natural composition with a high
level of contrast for easy viewing. i want my audience
to know exactly what they're looking at - even
though the subject is a bit abstract.

i haven't been finding much time for my own creative
line of art but I'm happy to start the new year off with
this one. Killicutty is my fourth piece in a series of "puddle
people," i use that term because my characters in this
series are curvy, resemble something like smoke or water.

well anyway I hope you find some feeling in this piece, if you love
it or hate it, it means i've succeeded by making you feel something

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