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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


just wanted to drop a note, haven't updated this for a while.

I have a slew of new tattoos I've done recently, will update , you know,
when I remember to.. for now here's a new pencil drawing I completed.

It's Untitled, on 11 x 14 bristol paper.

It is a bit different isn't it?

Lately I've had a lot of problems with art. Sick of seeing things I recognize, I'm kind
of finding beauty in things that are unfamiliar. I'm always into doing portraiture
so I think I'm meeting myself halfway. I haven't fed my artistic eye in a while, it's time,
it's been too long..

No one ever asks about the mind of the artist, how it is complicated, how we decide what
we want to create.. it's something I've wanted to discuss for a while.

thanks for looking. hope I have inspiration for more original art.

see you soooon

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